Amit’s workshop was a mixture of activities that allowed me to openly explore different modes of expression in a safe and friendly atmosphere. I had a lot to reflect on after the workshop which shows that the activities touched deeply beneath the surface. Amit’s soft and open manner helped me feel comfortable and at ease. Thanks Amit!

~ Susan A., Ubud, July 2012


I’d planned to go to Amit’s afternoon workshop, but it was one of those mornings when everything went sideways. By lunchtime I’d more or less sorted out the chaos, but I was totally exhausted and it was clear that if I went to the workshop, I’d have to scrap lunch. It all seemed too much. All I really wanted was to go to bed and pull the covers over my head.  But that seemed such a wimpy way out. In the end, I made myself go. And was so glad I did. I completely forgot about the growling stomach. 3 hours of sharing a beautiful space with some lovely people while we encouraged our inner children to come out to play worked magic. By the time we finished, all the tensions of the morning had drained away and I cycled off home relaxed, renewed, and very glad I’d gone. Thank you, Amit!

~ Kristi, Ubud, May 2012

I love creating – so thank you, Amit, for creating the space, setting us up, nurturing our creativity and expression.

– Kimberley, February 26, 2012

Thank you for a wonderfully playful and refreshing experience at your creativity workshop last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed the lightness of it, the freedom to let go and fully be myself in exploring what expression arises within myself, and in the play with others. And surely, all the laughter! Looking forward to more.   ~ Manuela, Ubud.

Update on creative expression workshop

Posted on April 6, 2011 by seavyi (

March has been a busy month for Kinyei’s Open Workshop space. Our most recent workshop was led by Amit Janco, who ran a creative arts class, exploring self-expression through a range of mediums.

The participants, both Khmer and foreign, hailed from a variety of occupations, some NGO workers, some English teachers, others small business owners who worked in pairs to enhance communication methods using paints, and other tools.

Participants had lots to say about the experience. One particpant was “refreshed [about] the meditative aspect of artwork, and enjoyed the people and Amit’s easy charm”.

The participants created artwork collaboratively, working in pairs. They then went on a meditative walk to explore how their heightened sensitivity to their surroundings transformed their creative process. It was great to hear one participant say “ideas come from doing, not thinking though that is needed to carry them out”.

— Kinyei (Battambang, Cambodia)

I really enjoyed your workshop on creative arts.

To begin with you encouraged each one of us to share significant events and/or details that molded us to be who we are. You set the atmosphere to be fun, friendly and not judgmental.

Writing: It was liberating to unburden myself of the many not very positive events of the past year

Movement: A new experience for me to improvise to an imaginary suggested setting.

Art: I enjoyed using tissue paper to create a visual representation. Bringing our individual work side by side and making the connection with the adjacent work was a lot of fun for me. It also made me even more aware of my preference to work with people rather than alone.

Thank you Amit.
— Sincerely, Lillian  (Montreal, January 2011)

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