It’s Not Over Until Singapore Sings…


One week ago, I was in Singapore. I’d had this sense, already brewing for a few months, that I was meant to facilitate creative arts workshops – within the corporate sphere – in that city (-state). It wasn’t anything I was pursuing actively (yet), but I meant to discuss it with a friend and acquaintance. Because of their schedules, I never had the chance…

In the months and weeks leading up to last week’s stopover in SP, the universe (call it what you will) was transmitting messages to me about this eventuality, and I was just filing them away. Then, in Singapore and also since my return to Bali, that sense has remained front & center; appearing in various guises, tapping me on the shoulder at the strangest moments; concocting serendipitous meetings with strangers who have lived in SP, are now living there, are working in corporate offices (and here in Ubud on vacation), and much more; with such regularity that it bears mention, bears paying closer attention.

So I will put it out there in the world, to my creative spirits & souls, and ask: what is it about Singapore that I am being called on to share the creative process in that place above all others?

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  1. Aj, I don’t know SP, but I DO understand and know about following your heart and listening to cues…from inside and out…not necessarily easy…not necessarily what you had PLANNED….good luck!
    Xo oj

  2. AJ, listen to your inner voice, follow your intuition, summon all wisdom from those who love you… and forge ahead with optimism topped with a sprinkle of caution.


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