Creative Detox!


Last Sunday (the last day of July!), we held a wonderful workshop – playshop, really! – in the midst of rice fields, on the outskirts of Ubud. The afternoon unfolded slowly, with people showing up here and there…until we were a dozen playful souls, dipping in, breathing in and out of our creativity.

There was a full slate of activities to get our minds and bodies moving: cathartic writing & releasing thoughts into the ‘sea’ (ie. sending banana leaf boats afloat into Felice’s pool); shaking out our bodies in the garden; toothpaste-tube mime; visualizing the emptied insides of our bodies; popcorn kernels popping or unfolding in the pits of our stomach; hands-on art projects – including the grande finale, creating crowns from coconut and banana leaves, marigolds and other flowers, all of which involved some kookiness and an abundance of laughter and joy.

Thanks to all who participated. We look forward to another day of fruitful, playful, detoxifying & nourishing creativity! Stay tuned…


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