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Cross-Cultural & Creative Expression Open Workshop – Kinyei


Under the auspices of Kinyei ( Battambang, Cambodia):

Using the creative process for effective communication and selfexpression

Upcoming open workshop! This one would be great for anyone who needs to communicate cross culturally (expat and Khmer); teachers, people working with a local/expat counterpart etc. Please RSVP asap if you are interested in attending.

When: Saturday 12 March 2011 2pm-5pm

Language: English (Khmer translation)

Objective/Description: To share an experience of self-discovery and dialogue through the creative arts; writing, movement, visualization and a hands-on art project.

You don’t need to consider yourself an artist to engage in creative expression! Join us at a Creative Arts Open Workshop to enjoy the process of creative self-discovery – for yourself and with your colleagues. Learn how to communicate and express your ideas and concepts in a variety of different ways and reap the benefits this has to offer when working cross culturally. Don’t let different languages and culture be a show stopper. Explore new creative ways to communicate in the workplace this Saturday!

Kinyei will provide refreshments and a Khmer translator for the workshop. For those who express interest in attending we will send a vocabulary list through so participants can start thinking about the types of creative concepts that will be discussed and referred to often in Saturday’s workshop.

For whom: For colleagues who would like to explore new and creative ways of communication and to improve their own personal and professional development. Ideally, we are looking for 5-7 pairs of colleagues, one foreigner + one Khmer.

Who’s behind the workshop: Amit Janco is a Canadian woman currently volunteering at the Emergency Surgical Centre in Battambang. She has been involved with the creative arts since childhood; dancing, singing, writing, gardening, photography, design, sculpture, pottery and many other art and media projects. She has spearheaded community-wide arts projects and led art classes in Nepal. After surviving a serious accident two years ago, Amit turned to the arts as a therapeutic and meaningful way of rehabilitating from her injuries and to deal with pain. She has since been leading creative arts workshops, primarily for groups of women and sufferers of chronic pain.

Wherever she lives and travels, Amit is always excited about engaging others in creativity, in helping people discover their unique gifts and potential for self-expression.

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